The Snowball Stand

March 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’m still feeling Easter. For us it was a beautiful day of worship – music, the Word, liturgy, testimony, message – it was all there – a sweet day of celebration.

This may be due to having participated in an inordinate number of funerals in recent months. They have taken us from Miami to New York and back to Greater Baltimore. They have involved dear friends, my own immediate family, and new friends who have welcomed us into their circle of grief and love.

Each service is deeply personal. Unique families and friends gather to grieve, embrace, weep and remember. They bring with them their own experiences and stories along with their secrets. In death a vacuum was created by the loss of someone they loved, and love is revisited by those who remain.

The Resurrection is the true underlining reality that drives these services – the thing that enables me to show up in the first place – that cataclysmic event in which Jesus authenticated everything He and the prophets had promised, and the disciples celebrated and proclaimed in its wake – that for those who are in Christ, that is for those who have fled to Him in faith, even though they will one day die, will also live with Him in the new heaven and the new earth – forever.

I offered this at a recent funeral:

“Jesus, the Son of God, came in human skin, lived with the broken things of this world, suffered all that we do – and then, in the presence of His mother on earth and His Father in heaven, at the young age of 33, He died – three days later, He conquered sin’s most chilling consequence – the grave.

All this to fulfill the hope and the promise that all that the creation was intended to be it would once again become.”

Looking forward to heaven is rooted in the Resurrection – we’ll be there because its reality is already within the hearts of those who hide in Jesus.

Which takes me to this snowball stand in our area here in Maryland – Actually most communities have one – it is a community thing in the state. Each spring they open and remain open through early fall. Having grown up in South Florida my experience with snowballs was that they were always available because it was always hot (Translation: they were great but we probably didn’t appreciate them so much.). Here, you look forward to them. They come in all flavors, some topped with marshmallow, others on cones.

But it isn’t so much the snowballs – it is the gathering of people who buy them and then sit around this huge open green space with massive oaks and maples providing shade, if needed – some on fallen tree stumps and others on benches. Children run around the yard, cars come and go and Young People gather.

I don’t know – it makes me wonder if that is how it will be when we arrive Home.


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