Five Things (plus 1) I Remembered This Summer

September 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

As you obviously know, I took a summer break from the blog, and now am ready and glad to be back at it.

Here are some musings from the summer of 2009…

1. I remembered that at the end of the day, it’s all about People – In travel, in the office and on the road I was reminded of the obvious – that the world we move in is all about people – their diversity, their troubles, their challenges, their pathos and their hopes – The scenery may change, but the ‘People Business’ is messy – and it is a privilege – I don’t ever want to forget this (though you may need to remind me).

2. I remembered that One Person’s Storm is Another’s Comfort – It is said that hurricanes and large storms in one region will suck the humidity out of another. Summer in Maryland was magnificent in 2009 – But if this axiom is true, then I am instructed that our comfort can sometimes be at the expense of another’s – a reminder that no one lives in a vacuum and that we are beautifully connected to one another, good and bad. I’m glad for that.

3. I remembered that Everyone has ‘Dog Days’ – For children (and even parents), summer is a few months of liberation mixed with boredom and adventure. C.S. Lewis rightly cautions that even the most beautiful experiences on earth are not enough to overcome the beauty and peace of the world to come. While my instinct is to avoid the ‘dog days,’ I really am glad they show up from time to time.

4. I remembered that God has infused Beauty throughout Creation – Last month Katherine and I enjoyed Crosby, Stills & Nash in a beautiful outdoor venue in Virginia. The music was magnificent and for a few brief hours we were happy Hippies. Many in the Christian world have a problem believing anything good can come from the world, and in doing so they rob themselves of much God has offered for their enjoyment. Rock On!
C,S & N

5. I remembered that Love and Friendship are to be Cherished – Our summer involved several reunions in various places and for varied reasons – Each one was lovely, all a reminder that the bonds of love we form over time are dearer than anything we can attain or aspire to apart from our faith.Girls
the U

6. I remembered the Sweetness of our good God – Visiting Family, seeing Friends, reflecting on God’s protection and provision through the years – of our children and of us – thinking on the Goodness of God in His Forgiveness, Peace and Mercy – We are Blessed…


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