October 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

14434_164499013540_605133540_2828854_3503998_nLast evening a group of Young Adults went to a corn maze on a farm near Frederick, Maryland. Katherine and I were invited (actually the more accurate term might be that we were ‘grandfathered’ in), and since we knew we would enjoy the company, and because we have wanted to see what a corn maze is, we went. We were glad.

A corn maze is literally what the term implies. In this case it is 14 acres of high stalks of corn, like what you’d see in Field of Dreams – with a circuitous path cut throughout those many acres. Obviously it isn’t only one path. There are dead ends and deceptive loops that utterly frustrate pilgrims (no pun intended) and extend the time of finding oneself back to the entrance.

At some point all become lost – that’s the point – in fact it isn’t uncommon for everyone in the same party to be lost, to clearly hear one another’s voices, and to have no idea where each other is – all at the same time!

But it’s a good lost – not an, ‘if you don’t figure it out, you’ll drown ala Poseidon Adventure,’ type of lost. It’s more of an, ‘it wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t get lost,’ kind of lost. Getting lost is part of the built-in fun of the experience.

I thought about that this morning and realized that getting lost is part of the life we unfinished ones live in this world. We lose our way for all kinds of reasons. Sure, we sin, and that has its own wayward effect. But sometimes we just wander in the busyness of life, the pressures that cause us to slightly and momentarily take our eye off of the path. We get lost in sorrows, discouragement and disappointment. And let’s face it, life itself is complicated enough to leave us feeling utterly misplaced.

But if we belong to Jesus, we’re never alone – not only because He is there (I don’t want to minimize this, but the truth is that we are more like that frightened little child that asked his mom for Jesus ‘with skin on Him’ than we want to admit), but because in Christ, we belong to a Community of fellow wanderers who share that seemingly paradoxical existence of living in a broken world while also in the assurance of the future Renewal of all things.

Sometimes all we can do is hear one another’s voices. And I think that’s okay – I think of David and those who refused to leave his side when he hid from his son Absalom (2 Samuel 15:21) – because one day, the entrance will appear, and there will be no more confusion – only Reunion. I’m glad for that.


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