Advent and the Wintry Mix

December 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

Unless you’ve lived where it snows the term ‘Wintry Mix’ sounds like the fall collection for the Gap. Actually it indicates one of those cold days when the rain can’t decide if it wants to be snow, and the snow can’t decide if it wants to be rain – so both fall. For those of us unaccustomed to the ‘white stuff’ the ‘Wintry Mix’ is disappointing and a bit of a tease. I guess one could say that technically it snowed, but this frigid mixture will never allow for Frosty, angels in the snow, snowball fights, etc. And whereas, when outdoors (for instance, walking to one’s car in a parking lot) snow falls and sort of settles on your person – you know it’s there, but until you get inside it just happily remains – with the ‘Wintry Mix,’ the rain dominates the moment. It gets you the worst kind of wet. Its heavy drops of water trample the snowflakes and sink immediately through your hair to your scalp. It’s cold! And, well… it’s ugly.

It is Advent and this means that we live in anticipation of the coming of Jesus – into our lives, our struggles, our fears and our darkness. Everything Jesus did when He first came as a baby in Bethlehem, He still does. He brings Himself and is born to us anew. For all who have wandered far from ‘home,’ for those trapped in the brokenness of sin and sorrow, for all who long to be filled in their emptiness – to all who await His appearing, He comes, and He offers the cup of forgiveness, healing, mercy, peace and love.

This is what Jesus does. He comes into our mess – snow in the rain – loveliness amid the storm – love in our sorrows – strength in our weakness. And one day He will return forever, and with Him we will enjoy the new heavens and the new earth.

But until then, we unfinished ones are a ‘Wintry Mix,’ aren’t we? Until Jesus comes and ‘puts all things to rights,’ as one theologian has offered, in this broken world we live in, both internally, within us, and outside of us we will always live somewhere between an ugly downpour and a lovely snowfall – and God is good with that because one day the entire landscape will be beautiful.

So we wait. And that is good news.


PS The image on this blog was created by a Member of our church, an artist I have come to deeply appreciate and respect – Lynsey Ring Dimas

§ One Response to Advent and the Wintry Mix

  • Mark Bates says:

    As a fellow Floridian (unlike you, I was not a native, but I did live there for 20 years) who moved to a cold climate, I am still fascinated by winter. I never thought I would ever shovel snow. Yet, seeing the world covered in white, looking at the mountains clothed in a blanket of snow, takes my breath away. Yet, it is a mess and can be very disruptive to our lives. I love your observation about this and how it connects with the gospel. Hope you and your family are dong well.

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