Hanging Up On God

March 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

I have the luxury of a Bluetooth connection in my car, which means that when a call comes in, rather than have to pick up the phone, look to see who is calling, and then push buttons – I simply press a button on my steering wheel, and begin to speak into the car sound system, all without taking my eyes off the road. When the conversation is over I merely press another button and the phone disconnects. It is one of those safety features that doubles as a tremendous convenience. Besides, it is a gadget – and I love gadgets…

The other day (actually early Sunday morning), as I made my circuitous way to church (my Sunday routine is to get to the church by 5:45-6:00 AM, having gotten an extra large coffee at Dunkin Donuts), I spent some time in prayer. For some reason, for me, places like the car and the shower are conducive to prayer (what, you thought I only pray in church?), and so on Sunday mornings, this too is part of the routine.

On this particular morning, after a time of prayer, and having said, ‘Amen,’ without thinking, I instinctively pushed the ‘hang-up’ button on my steering wheel, and then immediately burst into laughter after realizing what I had done. It dawned on me that I had just hung up on God! Neither of us had even said, ‘Good bye!’ I hadn’t asked Him what He was doing after church or if there were any good new movies out (which is too bad because I took Katherine to one of the dumbest movies we’ve ever seen the other night and a warning would have been appreciated).

I just hung up.



Can you do that? I guess so. Because I did. I hung up on God! Fortunately it wasn’t one of those hang-ups where you hear the other person’s voice after your finger had passed the point of no return (you know, the kind where you have to play endless phone tag in attempting to call again to acknowledge that you realized they weren’t finished talking). At the moment I hung up neither of us was speaking – so it wasn’t rude – I don’t think. Actually, maybe He was speaking…

All that to say that the hang-up helped jog me back into blogging. The truth is that I actually had hung up on God a bit – not in an angry, deeply rebellious way, but in the sense that my emotional, spiritual and physical energies have been so tapped that I just checked out. It was a good checkout. But it was a better check in.

The crazy thing is that later that day, and every day since, I realized that God hadn’t hung up on me. At the same time that He was ruling, sustaining, breathing life into, protecting, preserving and caring for the Universe, He was also waiting to hear from me again.

The One that promises to never ‘leave nor forsake’ us, was there when I called. I find that to be extremely Good News.


§ 4 Responses to Hanging Up On God

  • marilyn says:

    What an improvement on reading with a highlighter and writing on a notepad while traveling down US1–so, you were ‘journaling’ to God back then? love the new technology that makes this pasttime passe–we are all safer for it. now, if we could all just stop texting and driving! haha!

    good thought, Mike. loved it.

  • Robert Kuntz says:

    Nifty story.

    I find that I pray a lot in the car, the shower, while sanding something, etc. Sometimes I chide myself for it, thinking it’s not “reverent” enough. Then I remember the reference from just before the Fall, where it talks about God out in the garden in the cool of the day. Imagine that kind of relationship with God — someone you just encounter and chat with. No formalities, just communication.

    The notion of hanging up rings true (pun intended) as well. I have my times when I’m talking to God, seeking him, then I’m done with him until the next time. I’m ever thankful He doesn’t have me so compartmentalized, but instead has me always in mind.

  • Fred says:

    Mike, I think thats a really beautiful picture. I shows you have such a closeness with God that you literally think of talking with Him the way you think about talking with another person. I like talking to God in the car / shower too. We do have the “Ultimate 4G plan” in the sense that we can talk to Him anytime, anywhere. We are just limited by our “narrow front end bus” – the fact that we can only concentrate on a limited number of things at a time (for me its a low number!)..

    But its a very cool picture – I have bluetooth on my GPS so when I look at that I’ll try to remember to connect with God more often in the car.. I need all the reminders I can get 😉

  • Linda Fuerst says:

    Your spirituality is so perfused throughout your whole being that it is completely natural for you to speak with the Father….. just like speaking long distance to a friend back home in Florida.

    How blessed is your congregation (both at Chapel Gate and Blogsville Pres.) to have a simple Bluetooth moment noted and them skillfully transformed into the lovely lesson that our God is so accessible and ever present.

    Safe travels down life’s highways………….

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