The Throwaway Day

April 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

“For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was stricken.”
Isaiah 53:8b

It is Saturday morning, the day before Easter. The Church celebrates the three days surrounding this day, but not Saturday. On Thursday we celebrate the evening Jesus instituted His new command that we love one another. On Friday we reflect on the Cross. And then, of course, we rejoice on Easter Sunday – the day every promise of God was validated – when Jesus arose from the grave.

But Saturday. As I reflected on this yesterday I was reminded of our daughter Emily’s philosophical assessment of turning 19 years old. Eighteen was such a big deal. And 20 would be the first age away from teenage years, with 21 the year she was officially an adult. But nineteen. Blah! She saw it as a throwaway year – a boring year – the year that didn’t really matter.

That must be how we generally see Saturday during Easter week. It was the day the disciples packed it up and went back to their lives, and the day the women prepared spices to pack a corpse the next morning. It was the day the Jews returned to their religious activities, and the day the Romans patted themselves on the backs, having squelched yet another uprising.

But it was more than all this. God was there. He was silent, but He was there. His plan was unfolding. His care was ongoing. His gaze was undeterred. The next day His Son would rise. But on Saturday, the Forsaken One remained in the grave with our forsakenness. It was anything but a throwaway.

Today I reflect on the assurance that with the Father there are no throwaway days. That in the blur of our crazy calendars and messy lives, He has not lost sight of us, and His plan never thwarted, regardless of how forgotten we may feel. We matter…

Because we are His.

That is good news.


§ One Response to The Throwaway Day

  • Uncle Tree says:

    I completely agree. Well said, Mike. It’s all good! Amen.
    Hope you and yours have a grand Easter weekend!

    Hanging with the Prince Of Peace, I am.
    Uncle Tree 🙂

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