Somewhere in the Crowd

October 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

CrowdWe have the privilege of living in perhaps the finest medical region on the planet. World-renowned physicians work in the Baltimore-DC corridor, and this means that when a life is in peril, it is the place to be. Last week one of our Members was in an accident and clinging to life in a small Pennsylvania town that did not have the facilities to treat the severity of his condition. So he was life-flighted to the University of Maryland Medical Center Shock Trauma Unit in the middle of the night, and there he was tended to by an expert team of docs, nurses, experts, diagnosticians and administrators.

The next morning we learned that most don’t make it into the unit. But by God’s grace he did, and he has, in no small way due to the people who have so relentlessly cared for him.

Those first 48 hours, as his life lay tenuously in the balance, he was heavily medicated and barely conscious. He likely had no idea what was going on. He was restless, in pain, and disoriented. He didn’t know the names, and could barely discern the faces of the people attending to him.

But ever-present with him was that crowd of people (pictured in this post) who knew exactly where he was and what he needed. At some point I counted roughly fifteen who attended to him at the same time, observing monitors and vital signs, listening to his heartbeat, prodding his body, and watching breathing patterns.

I’ve replayed that scene many times since witnessing it, and it occurred to me that we too are often oblivious to the hand of God through the people – and angels – He sends our way. In spite of his sedated state, our friend actually wasn’t alone at all.

Genesis 21 came to mind, where Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid, was in the wilderness of Beersheba, without sustenance, weeping and waiting to die along with her young son. Yet even there, God heard her sobs, and then opened her eyes to reveal a well that would sustain her son, and her.

I think the point isn’t that we have to know that God is there, but that we can actually not know – and He is nevertheless – in the wilderness and in the crowd.

Such good news…


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