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Gettysburg “God’s loudest singing and his most passionate delight is expressed in the gospel of his grace. Through the gospel God is with us. By the gospel he saves us. In the gospel he delights in us. Through the gospel he quiets us with his love. In the gospel we hear him rejoice over us with singing!”

Steven Curtis Chapman & Scotty Smith, SPEECHLESS

These pictures were taken from the road that runs through the middle of the Gettysburg Battlefield. It was taken early this morning (while on a men’s retreat) as the sun began to illuminate this magnificent landmark. The post is offered from the Ragged Edge Coffee House here in town, a delightful local beanery, replete with classic Rock & Roll, incredible vanilla-almond scones and a tremendous dark roast.

So much for the table setting…

At Gettysburg, graves, trees, buildings and fields have been marked, in order to tell the story of a bloody conflict that occurred here in 1863. However to look at it today is to see one of the more breathtaking landscapes you will ever set eyes upon. In fact, it is difficult to imagine how violent and gruesome the site on which this national monument stands, once was.

In some way our lives are like historic battlefields. To the people we encounter every day, we are what they see in the moment. What they can’t detect is the narrative that got us there. In fact, part of falling in love or growing close in community involves letting others ‘in,’ allowing them deeper glimpses of our stories. And in spite of our fear to the opposite, those who love us will only love us more as they gain greater access to these depths.

While there is plenty written about our tendency to hide who we are, what I am trying to get at is this: In the gospel we are allowed to see ourselves in the way we would view a historic battlefield. Though past conflicts, failures and struggles are part of our history, we are, because of Jesus and the love of the Father, allowed to enjoy the magnificent view of His handiwork that is our own lives, and only unbelief will sabotage this view.

Friends, Jesus is our Monument, and because of Him, when the Father sees us, it is nothing less to Him… than breathtaking.

Such good news.


Gettysburg - 2

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  • “…our lives are like historic battlefields. To the people we encounter every day, we are what they see in the moment”
    so very well said, thanks Mike! love you brother

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