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Us in Atlanta

Katherine and I were married in 1982 and are the parents of three amazing children, with a son-in-law, daughter-in-law and three precious grandchildren. We are from South Florida and now live in Maryland where I pastor a great congregation, and Katherine is an incredible local Elementary School Music Teacher. We love the beach and the tropics, but are also enamored with snow.

I am the author of A Sometimes Stumbling Life, a book on “our struggles and God’s grace in the journey of faith” (available on Amazon).

A long time ago both of us determined that we are both a mess, and at the same time delighted in by the Father. Following Christ has been a beautiful journey for us, though not without its challenges, struggles, sorrows and mysteries, along with its joys. We take hope and comfort in the reality that He didn’t save us to make us perfect, but His.

The journey continues…

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  • pat n says:

    wonderful words! Keep up the writing.

  • …this pastor is too cool and very infectous. he’s real. he’s been my great brother-like friend for many years. he’s so cool it makes me jealous. we agree on so much; he even tries to finish my sentences. he’s a great dad, a great husband, friend, UM fan and a child of God! thanks Mike…..blog on bro!!!

  • Gary, the screen guy... says:

    Wow, Mike, you have arrived…a blog of your own! I look forward to traveling along with you on your faith journey! Enjoying grace, Gary

  • Rex Dale says:

    Mike, I ran across your blog on the web. Don’t know why, but I was looking up old calssmates and was surprised to still know how to spell your last name! Anyway, God blessings to you and your family! Say hey to Ms. Katherine! In His Grip, Rex

  • unfinished1 says:

    Rex – It is great to ‘hear’ from you! Fill me in on how you doing – catch us up. mike

  • Shirley says:

    Just stumbled across your blog while I was looking for information about the Screwtape Presetation. Anyway, I have been attending Chapelgate rather frequently of late, and wanted to say I appreciate your genuineness. My daughter recently became a member of your congregation and loves it, I might add. Her name is Linda Miller.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for being so real! God bless you continuously!

    Shirley Redd

  • Holly Kosten says:

    I can relate to Katherine’s role as bill payer. It is nice to know I am not alone! Thanks for sharing.

  • Linda Johnson Fuerst says:

    Dear Mike,
    Like Rex, I too stumbled across your wonderful Blog and was blown away by your eloquence. Through the Tau Sig grapevine, I recalled you and Katherine were in our beloved South Florida, but now find you in Maryland. How blessed is your new church to have you at the helm. I hope you all are happy there and enjoying the fabulous seasonal changes as we do here in SC.
    Blessings, Linda Lou 1/2

  • sue says:

    hey, i was wondering how i can send an email to you? i have a message I wanted to ask you about, but i can’t find your contact anywhere. my email’s smsilvershadow@mindless.com

  • mark ramsey says:

    hey mike , long time . i cant believe your into the snow so much since you were such a great boat captain (the trailer should stay attached to the vehicle when moving) . miss you in miami but i know your congregation is blessed to have your preaching . so hi to scott (herndaddy) simmons for me and drop an email and i’ll update you . your testimony should be everybody’s . GOD’s grace and mercy alone . mark ramsey

    • Mania Missirian says:

      Dear Mike,
      I came across your name on the Chapelgate website and noticed that your last name is Armenian. It is always so wonderful to see an Armenian name!
      We are also Armenian. Armenia – the first nation to adopt christianity. I presently attend St.Mary’s Armenian Church in DC and at times will attend a church closer to me – Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
      I live in Severna Park, Md.

      Let your walk be your ministry…
      Mania Missirian

  • Ted Pappas says:

    You should quit boasting. you surf very very poorly! And root for those losers! the Raiders!

  • Kristen Fuller says:

    Great testimony, Mike, from someone who changes lives where he lives. I was working with kids in Charleston today, who couldn’t be further from the truth of Christ’s plan for their lives. I work each day to love these kids, and stay cool only as much as cool brings truth to them. To date, since moving here, I have 18 districts in SC, all across the state, with roughly 1/4 million kids who are loved by someone who understands Christ’s love for us. It took time, but I love waking up each day to serve, talk to, listen to, and love the kids of SC. Thanks for your role in my life and my career!

  • Norma Stevens says:

    I just read the gospel according to Robert D’Niro. It was so eloquent! What a wonderful way to reach young people. I forwarded it immediately to both my young daughters. Thank you!

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